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About Bullfinch Brewery

The Bullfinch Brewery was first set up in the kitchen of former travelling sound engineer, beer enthusiast and home brewer Ryan Mclean.

Ryan's travels have ignited a passion and love for great beer. His continuing commitment to the quality of beer and his enthusiasm have created Bullfinch Brewery and its contemporary take on craft beer here in the UK. 

Ryan has been brewing professionally since 2014 and is making progressive beers that blend experimental ideas with traditional brewing methods and techniques.

Hidden away under a railway arch in South East London Ryan can be found brewing his modern ideas on a much loved and used, historic 5 Barrel kit originally built by Charles Wells.

Here is where old meets new, very much like the distinct taste and style of our beers.

Ryan heads up a small team at Bullfinch Brewery who are involved in the brewery at every level, you are quite likely to be served your beer in the taproom by the same person that helped to make it.

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